Access Educational Grants and Financial Aid

You can get as much as $50,000 in free College Grants from the US Government.

Grants for private, primary and secondary schools, women and men to further their education, scholarships for athletes, business management, engineering, computer science, medical school, undergraduate, graduate, professional, international studies and many more academic disciplines.

Graduate School
Undergraduate School
Secondary School
Primary School
Preschool School
Nursery School
Medical School
Environmental Science
Business Management
Computer Science
Many other disciplines

Federal Grants – Pell Grants up to $2,700 per year for undergraduate students earning a bachelor’s or professional degree,  SEOG funds up to $4,000 per year/person, CWS funds even for part-time students.

State Grants and Scholarships available for highest ranking high school students, students who are needy, deaf or blind students and minorities. Most are based on need, grades and test scores.

Private Scholarships – Access to over 180,000 private scholarships! 

Privately Sponsored funds – from foundations, corporations, unions, fraternal and religious organizations

Private Foundations provide funding through grants and scholarships for graduate, undergraduate students for both public and private schools. Some offer funds with no strings attached while others offer matching funds.

Artist Funding Grants awards residential programs in such fields as dance, film, arts, theater, and writing. 

Loan Programs – Unfortunately these do need to be repaid, but provide a valuable source of money.

Stafford Guaranteed Student Loans up to $6,625 per year, Direct Plus Loans, and Perkins Loan Programs for up to $3,000 per year for undergraduate students and $5,000 per year for graduate students.