Government Grants for Individuals


A Government Grant in USA is an economic aid given to either execute a Purpose, support the Purpose or stimulate the Purpose for which it was given to which the Government is not a beneficiary.Government Grants could be issued by a State Government or the Federal Government. Grants given by the Federal Governments are referred to as Federal Grants. On the other hand, grants given by the State Governments are referred to as State Grants. Grants can be given to Companies, Organizations or Individuals. This Article shall focus on Government Grants for Individuals in USA.

One of the popular Grants given to Individuals in USA is the Federal Student Financial Aid which involves Student Grants and Scholarships. These are free money given to Students without any obligation of Repayment. The United States Department of Education offers a variety of them. They include:

1. Federal Pell Grant:
This grant is only awarded to undergraduate American students who have previously earned a Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Degree. The maximum amount a Student can receive under this grant is $5,775. Factors such as financial need and cost of attendance would be taken into consideration before the grant is given.

2. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant:
This is a grant given to undergraduate students with exceptional financial need. Amount you can receive range from $100-$4000 yearly.

3. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant:
This Grant is eligible for Students whose parent or guardian was a member of the U.S Armed Forces and died as a result of services performed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Aside Educational Grants, there are other Grants which an individual can receive from the Government. This includes:

The Medicaid Program provides medical benefits to low income people who have no Health Insurance.

2. Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program:
This Program provides HIV related health services to people without adequate health care coverage to cope with the disease.

3. Veteran Health Administration Aid:
This Aid is given to Caregivers to Veterans. This Aid is administered by the Department of Veteran Affairs and it includes Monthly stipends, travel expenses among others.

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