Government Grants for Non-Profit Organizations


A grant refers to a contribution offered to assist a program, project, organization, or an individual. It is usually given to a non-profit entity from a government agency, corporation, or foundation. Grants are normally awarded for a specific purpose or program. Government grants for non profit organizations will focus on giving:

· Specific kinds of support (like funding for equipment or program development).

· Particular kinds of non-profits (like environmental groups and churches).

· A particular population (like organizations in certain areas and children).

Most people assume that contributions are a simple way to acquire funding, as there are no charges involved. In the real sense, although you do not have to pay back a grant, you have to put in a significant amount of your money, time, effort, and thought.

Government funding is usually accessible to non-profit entities. It is offered in the form of donations or sales of federal property, advisory services, technical information, traineeships, scholarships, fellowships, subsidies, loans, and grants. It might not be clear the rank of government giving the contribution given that federal funds are typically administered through local and state government units.

Information regarding particular government contribution programs is often contradictory, out-of-date, or confusing. It is advisable that you maintain a relationship with your federal, state, or local representative or appointed official. It is also advisable to spend time establishing personal relationships after identifying some potential sources that blend with your requirements. This is contrary to going through written documents. Before applying for a particular agency grant, verify the information through the agency first. Below are tips to consider when applying for a grant.

· Numerous government awards need a local match from personal sources, corporation, or foundation.

· Ensure your infrastructure and staff capacity is in order to handle the reports and supervise the grant.

· Keep records of how you are spending the grant due to the possibility of an audit.

When applying for a grant, it is essential to pay attention to a funder’s application information, limitations, activities and purpose.

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