How to Get Government Grants


If you are seeking government grants to finance your business or for any other purpose, it is important to consider some aspects and guidelines that govern issuance of these grants such as eligibility. The grants require very stringent measures for compliance to see to it that the money is well spent. Additionally, they are funded by the tax hence they are not granted indiscriminately.

Government grants are authorized and appropriated through bills that are passed by the congress and signed by the president. However, the grant authority differs widely among varying agencies. The small business administration has the authority to issue grants to non-profit and educational organizations through its wide array of counseling and training programs, but its authority is restricted to small businesses. Individual notifications are sent to organizations receiving such grants whenever the congress authorizes certain initiative grants.

All the same, you can get some business grants through state and local programs, non-profit organizations and through other groups. For instance, in some states grants are provided for developing marketing campaigns, creating energy efficient technology, for tourism and expanding child care centers. It is however important to note that these grants are not necessarily free money, hence they requires the recipient to combine the grant with other finances such as loans. The amount you can receive varies depending with the business and the grantor.

Nevertheless, if your business does not fall under these specialized categories, the federal and state governments have other programs to provide financial assistance that aid small businesses owners to acquire loans and capital venture financing from commercial lenders. If you think you qualify for a government grant, you can then go ahead and apply as an individual or an organization.

The process starts by identifying the grant you are applying for and download its application package. You will then need to complete the application package by writing a proposal and filling out all the required forms, fields and certifications. Once you are satisfied that you have filled in all the necessary information and the package is error free, submit your application online and keep track of your application to find out whether it will be successful.

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